MuuMuzzarella: the new frontier of dairy

Almost hidden in the center of the city, between those lanes that serve as small arteries between San Pasquale and Martyrs' Square, si cela una realtà fatta di lattosità pura, the MuuMuzzarella Lounge, a local day is dedicated to the sale of dairy products of the highest quality and dinner, as for lunch, offers its guests a bit of imagination for tempting dishes and innovative, but always dairy-based, transformed into a delightful coin de Goute.
This is not a common local: varcata la porta d’ingresso del piccolo ambiente accogliente ci si aspetterebbe di incotrare tanto la Nonna Papera dei fumetti Disney alle prese con torte fatte in casa, As the banconista trust who knows the tastes and preferences of each customer; instead, to do the honors of the house is a handsome businessman, Salvatore, with well-starched collar camincia and a reassuring smile on his face, mannered and hospitable frown sure who did, as they say in Naples, a choice ingarrata.
That of the Savior and his associate, Vincenzo, is a well-guessed in fact found, not only for the bright idea to put at the center of their business one of the most quoted of gastronomy bell, but also for having the right flavor and the right fit in uniting the tradition of innovation mozzarella never experienced a formula.
In Naples if they know of activities "quick-change", at certain times of the day are dedicated to the sale of particular products and mealtimes know how to cook well and you improvise restaurants, but none of these has the same class and elegance of a lounge like that of MuuMuzzarella, that does not come as a selling point for a restaurant then adibirsi, but comes from a well-defined project, son of two youthful spirits and pioneers, and that comes to life thanks to the right combination of worldliness and gastronomic reality: Salvatore and Vincenzo proved to be a well-functional team from this point of view.
 the first, with a well-forged past in public relations, takes care of the image of the local, of its distinctive decor, where there is an unusual harmony between a highly refined typical lounge bar, and small details from the topic a bit 'more rustic, such as sofas piebald, or chandeliers shaped tin bucket. But Salvatore is also the engine of organizational events revelers, how to set up the catering for the evenings of Rowing or Nabilah, in which the products, pride of the local, goes directly to the finger-food buffet for the gala evening in Naples nightlife.
As for Vincent, experienced in the catering sector, is concerned to devise and treat, together with their young chef (appena 23enne) new dishes that taste juicy and soft mozzarella is combined with other foods: In fact, their menu is divided into 4 party, which combine the milk, depending on the section, con salumi, meat, fish and vegetables. Accostamenti che al primo impatto possono suonare un po’ arditi, but after the first taste erase all doubt and pave the way towards new frontiers of taste, such as pesto and apple chunks that have become perhaps the most popular specialties, or the themed dishes such as lasagna with mozzarella, conceived during the carnival recently spent; un'appunto of respect it should be done then their sweet, made from buffalo milk, in particular to their cheesecake, prepared with buffalo ricotta, accortenza worked with so much as to be in a delicate mousse, Nestled on a crumbled biscuits with syrup and garnished with berries, a real pleasure for even the most demanding gourmets.
Entirely new experiences for the palate those offering the Mozzarella Lounge, local unique, the first and only in Campania to propose a format that revolves around the culinary specialty dairy, all come from producers D.O.P. the region, especially the high-Caserta, Secured and certified, but most of all products that bear their testimony in an incomparable taste. Thanks to the formula that sees the activities in the guise of the rivenditatore 09.00 to 12.00 or by 16.00 to 19.00, and in those of the restaurant from 12.30 to 15.00 and by 20.00 up to 23.00, this place is frequented by customers more disparate "During the morning visit us ladies of the neighborhood for the purchase of products from trusted mozzarella quarter to tidbits, passing through the braid, the provolette and ricotta basket, ma allo scoccare dell’ora di punta, Students come to visit for lunch, tourists, employees from the offices, "said Salvatore" In the evening there is a great appetizer for time go by over thirty years, which is to consume a glass of wine accompanied by delicious taster, maybe before the theater or a dinner with friends, Finally, in the evening, a little 'more later on, boys and girls are to try new dishes of the chef ".
In spite MuuMuzzarella represents a young, that arises when the 13 March 2013, has already made its way among the most famous gastronomic guides and tourist, come Foodies 2013 dove MuuMuzzarella è il primo locale con meno di un anno di attivià alle spalle ad essere menzionato, but still 4 and a half stars on TripAdvisor, the ranks of Gambero Rosso, in short, the lounge has made himself known, and has created a circle of his rich patrons, Salvatore reveals "I do not deny that sometimes we consolidate our group, maybe not here in Naples, but elsewhere in the region would be really nice ".
A difficult project to Salvatore Maresca and Vincenzo Guarino, who engage nell'ardimentosa undertaking to give the mozzarella, only real protagonist, a face always nuvo, and combining flavors seemingly distant, but above that meet the needs and tastes of all their customers; in this way the dairy product becomes highest common denominator for a rich menu, varied and extraordinarily creative, SpaccaNapoli that invites you to test in Vico Halberdiers 7, both as clients in the morning and early afternoon for a personal expense, as in that of guests for lunch or dinner, everyday (closed on Mondays); because only there you can find "biting and mozzarella milk to drink", as the slogan of the MuuMuzzarella Lounge.

source: SpaccaNapoli


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