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Mozzarella Lounge Chiaja: here's the first good idea to eat in Naples

When a visitor arrives at Mozzarellandia expect to find Mozzarella bar on every corner of the city, city. Instead we had to wait for March 2013 to see the first concept entirely dedicated to the buffalo mozzarella.

Mozzarella, ricotta and provolone

Some, good mozzarella is found in all the delis and delicatessens, than in restaurants. But a local center that has only this product, or otherwise the milk and its derivatives was missing, apart Capodichino.
A Chiaja, right next to the historic pizzeria Umberto opened the first, very intimate and easy, French style, youth where everything revolves around the mozzarella.

Mozzarella, pesto and mele

The idea is to Salvatore Maresca, the design is cool, pleasant and communicative and well reflects the setting gastronomic, unassuming, that aims to strike with the "whim" centered "rather than elucubrate preparations.

Potato chips and melted mozzarella

Rest, As we know from the gastronomic congress Roads of Mozzarella, is always difficult to make cooking with this product that speaks for itself, autoreferente quasi.


A great timeless classic is just the Mozzarella, made with peasant bread in pure style Neapolitan constipated instead of slices of white bread.

And caprese crostini with ricotta mousse

The restaurant opens at nine and is simply selling products all day. At lunch there is a menu on the 15, maximum 20 € where you can whim while from the great 18 begins the actual lounge.

Cheesecake with mozzarella cheese and berries

Great cakes, eccheneparliamoafare: All buffalo milk, a line ahc ecompleta definitely the raw material of high quality provided by caseficio Marrandino, always attentive to the quality of the supply chain.

Buffalo ricotta and berries

Proposal to strengthen the white wines and craft beers.

source: Luciano Pignataro


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