MUU MOZZARELLA LOUNGE. Among spotted chairs and experimental flavors

And while the North try to snatch one of our flavors irreplicabili, a Napoli, to the sound of "milk and mozzarella bite to drink" comes Muu Mozzarella Lounge, the first mozzarella bar concept Naples, in the heart of Chiaia, in Vico II Alabardieri 7, which is at the same time restau lounge bar and shop.
Salvatore and Vincenzo Maresca await you every day to offer the best selection of our excellence dairy bell. Their idea was born from a desire to rediscover the product mozzarella combined with the flavors of the Mediterranean gastronomy.
Mozzarella balls, ciliegine, braiding, ricotta, cheese, yogurt, creams and desserts 'smile' from the windows of the corner shop (open from 10.00 to 20.30). Which, of the brunch 12.00 all'Aperimuu delle 19.00, when, next to the classic drink you can enjoy finger foods and specialty cheeses inevitable and bells, to the supper of the 21, is a continuous discovery of flavors doc. A quick glance at the menu reveals strips of chicken with buffalo, millefeuille of sea bass with smoked cheese, shrimp stuffed with mozzarella in a pistachio crust, cherry buffalo in velvety tomato auburn have already won the hearts of the people crowding the gastro-chic elegant tables by the inevitable milk-white shade and comfortable armchairs spotted.

Roberta Gatta

source: LovePress


Muu Muuzzarella
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