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The Bohemian revolution of Naples, con Muu Muuzzarella Lounge e Vanity Fair

And’ already some time goes the innovative article Veronica Maiella on Naples Bohémien, but our pride explodes every time I re-read, and there is a mad desire republish and re-share it. Luckily we only do once in a while :-D

Muu Muzzarella Lounge (our idea) meets the wishes of those who have a point of reference as a newspaper Vanity Fair. The few words of the article and the topic tell more than any other treatment other than that which is our project and what is its soul. This is why we are so excited about this prestigious award.

A place to fashion, innovative, leaving the restaurant concept to focus on the idea of “Lounge” as a meeting point and creativity. And all this is built around the tradition and purity of a raw material that is the center of all the history of our land. Mozzarella di Bufala DOP.


Clicking qui, you can read the full article.


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