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A school of mozzarella

A workshop for teaching dairy nutrition education of the younger

Let us know the stages of preparation of one of the products of the culinary tradition of excellence bell, mozzarella, and transmit to children the principles of healthy eating. Points to this educational project launched by training Muu Muzzarella Lounge, the first restau-lounge shop mozzarella di Chiaia, site in vico 2 Alabardieri. 7, that making use of the patronage of the Municipality before Chiaia-Posillipo-San Ferdinando involve pupils in primary schools in the district aforesaid. An initiative that aims to create moments of contact between rural and urban, illustrate the tradition, the culture and the work of agriculture and raise consumer awareness about the production processes of agricultural products. But the lab designed by Muu is above all an experience of nutritional education, to target more young people into proper nutrition and a conscious approach to food: from the choice of ingredients, the seasonality of the products, to the recognition of the authenticity of what you eat.

The project Muu Dairy Teaching provides a guided tour of the premises of Muu Muzzarella Lounge for classes IV and V of the elementary school boards Chiaia, during which the children will enjoy a mini breakfast with buffalo milk, learn about the history of dairy products and the various stages of preparation of buffalo mozzarella, from breeding to production process. The program also includes a gastronomic laboratory, where young people will be involved in the preparation of a dish made of buffalo mozzarella.

Armando Yari Siporso

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