Muu Muzzarella, the lounge of Naples devoted to mozzarella

In the heart of Chiaia, in one of the areas preferred by young people to make a drink, There is a restaurant and lounge bar that wanted to stand out from the others, setting itself the goal of helping people rediscover the goodness of buffalo mozzarella and dairy products typical of Campania.

From Muu Mozzarella Lounge goodness and flavor of the buffalo and the first-class blend with many original combinations and tasty, creating a perfect harmony between tradition and innovation.

The menu is very imaginative and full of alternatives, here are my favorite: puff pastry with mozzarella cheese and shrimp covered with pistachio cream, the buffalo mozzarella with pesto and apple, chips with melted mozzarella, almond croquettes of meat with mozzarella. Each course is so spectacular that you will begin to enjoy it with your eyes.

My advice? Organized an evening with a group of friends and ordered many different dishes so you can taste almost everything, because there is only one proposal that is not worth trying. And I recommend, let some place for sweets, course of their production, lightweight and sublime: as the tiramim├╣ and the cheesecakes chocolate.

In no time become a trendy restaurant, Muu does not leave anything to chance: dall'azzeccatissima choice of name, whose letters form the snout of a cow, furnishings in the room, with two televisions surrounded by a flowery meadow, sofas with white print on black spots, and many furnishings that evoke the atmosphere of a real dairy, while recreating a situation sought.

Muu satisfied lovers mozzarella at all hours: during the day you can buy the delicious dairy products; from 12 Here you can spend your lunch break; will be available during the afternoon of desserts such as yogurt and milk of buffalo ricotta mousse with fruit or cream; to 19 begins the Aperi_MUU to tease some delicious sipping a glass of wine… and if not you just have some taste, You can always stay for dinner and tell us about your experience on Facebook or Twitter!


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Muu Muuzzarella
+39 081405370

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