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MuuMuuzzarella Lounge: milk from biting, Mozzarella is

Thus was born the project of four Neapolitan entrepreneurs: from milk. And it is the milk, declined in all its derivatives, the protagonist of MuuMuuzzarella Lounge, the first venue in Campania that day is a selling point for dairy products, but at lunch and dinner turns into a delightful coin de Goute, offering guests a creative and original menu, all dairy-based. It is located in the Chiaia, in vico II Halberdiers 7, and from the entrance looks like a well-known fact that combine sophistication and traditional cuisine, as is also evident from furniture, made of rustic elements included in a refined fresh style. Il format nasce dalla voglia di far provare la vera “mozzarella di bufala” e i suoi affini, proposed in innovative dishes, such as pesto and diced apple, shrimp stuffed with mozzarella in a pistachio crust, delicious cheesecake. Experience for the palate of all new, although family, who have already conquered tourists and Neapolitans themselves and who make a special room MuuMuuzzarella Lounge, the only one where you can find "milk from biting, Mozzarella is”.

Simona Ficuciello

source: Giò Magazine


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