Eating Mozzarella in Naples: Muu Muzzarella Lounge

There is now clear that my favorite sport is discovering new places to eat well, but especially not to eat the usual stuff. In a city where the tradition of pizza is very sensitive, find places where you can eat is a little more difficult. I certainly do not dream of eat excellent Thai food, but I like to go to find those places where you can taste the typical products of the different interpretations of my land. In addition to pizza, the other big star of the culinary heritage of Campania's buffalo mozzarella: is white, is juicy, is fragrant but mostly it is a PDO product, which stands for Protected Designation of Origin product. In essence, mozzarella di bufala Campana if it is not buffalo mozzarella, is a pezzotto.
Being rejected for years by now the test suit, I eat the mozzarella in all ways, or at least I thought I would just try them all, because yesterday I discovered an excellent place to eat mozzarella in Naples: Muu Muzzarella Lounge.

Muu Muzzarella Lounge

A short walk from Martyrs' Square in the heart of the lively Neapolitan, you will find this charming little place: Muu Muzzarella Lounge does not look like any room; the attention to detail and reference to the brand are timely and accurate in every thing. It is a great local: can accommodate about 30 diners and that in itself makes me realize that it is an exclusive venue. I got to talk to the owner Salvatore that I confirmed my first impressions of these: The mission was to give new culinary identity to a product of "trivial" as buffalo mozzarella. Hence dishes that combine craftsmanship with products that are never combined together but a new balance and new flavors, hence the creation of a local dairy, but remember one that does not mind his soul chic.

My experience from Muu Muzzarella Lounge

Like every time I go to the discovery of a new place, I let myself be guided by the hosts on the choice of dishes. I sat and I waited impatiently for my blind date with mozzarella Muu; in the meantime I got to drink:
Milk more, craft beer
At Muu can drink is beer wine: I tried this fantastic craft beer called Milk because he knows no more milk but for his "candor". A few minutes later I got the starters: bocconcini mozzarella with apples and homemade pesto without garlic
Bocconcini Mozzarella di Bufala with homemade pesto and Winter Apple.
followed by donut pumpkin and buffalo mozzarella caprese and tempura.
Pumpkin Doughnut with Mozzarella di Bufala.
I could stop here but already, you want, I like challenges and then to the test suit childbirth even with three debts so I said yes fattening: I received a second, specifically the meat croquettes with heart buffalo mozzarella with almonds.
Meat croquettes with almonds heart of Mozzarella di Bufala.
and finally a coconut and chocolate cheesecake. What about? The images speak for themselves: elegance in the composition, refinement in recipes and quality in the choice of products: Muu Muzzarella is approved!

Useful Information

Muu Muzzarella Lounge is the place to go to eat mozzarella in Naples; Below is some useful information:
• Muu is located in Vico II halberdiers 7, Naples.
• The opening days go from Tuesday to Sunday following these times: Tuesday to Thursday from 10 to 00; Friday and Saturday from 10 to 01; Sunday from 19 to 00.
• The wifi is free.
• The average cost of a dinner is 25 euro.

source: Friariella


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