An original Mozzarella Bar to celebrate one of the most good land, mozzarella and its derivatives. A friendly meeting place to enjoy the true taste of the Mediterranean

What we like

  • The wonderful buffalo mozzarella, pesto and shrimp stuffed with apples and pistachio-crusted mozzarella. Treats essential
  • For those who never gives up meat, the calf with a heart of mozzarella and crunchy almonds
  • The greedy will not resist the dessert made from buffalo milk
  • It will be difficult to choose between the delicious cheesecake American cold and ricotta mousse
  • Participating in the event at least once aperi_muu, a drink and a buffet with just a hoax 10 €, from 18.00 to 21.00
To know

  • The corner shop is open from 9.30 in the morning for the sale of products
  • You can dine until late
  • Each dish is made from buffalo milk, mouth-watering
  • There are early, but only meat and fish combined with the buffalo
  • From 12.00 Dining with a set menu and taste the dairy products from Campania
  • Who wants to, can order different sizes of mozzarella to take home
What to do in the surrounding area

  • Turn the shops of Martyrs Square
  • Getting to the Villa Comunale for a walk in touch with nature
  • Walking along Via Caracciolo and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city

source: Cibando


Muu Muuzzarella
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