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If you come here and want to try something traditional and innovative at the same time do not waste Muu-Muzzarella Lounge!

A few days ago I was walking the streets of the historic center of Naples in the company of Aurelie and Arnaud, Two of my friends in Paris. I was already resigned to the idea of ​​spending my evening in some pizzeria typical for those parts, not because they love the pizza, on the contrary, is that I really felt like something more fancy.
After the walk, however, Arnaud surprisingly preferred to try the legendary "Muzzarella" bell ... I did not have to even think about it a moment, I knew perfectly well what would be the perfect place for our evening.
We walked to Via Chiaia and quickly found ourselves in the area of ​​"small bars" the center of nightlife in Naples. Among the many cafes there is one, for those who went from Naples you can not miss in the list of places to eat: the Muu - Muzzarella Lounge.
The place is very small, I'll tell you, so if you want to enjoy its delights you should definitely book or go on soon, that by the standards Neapolitan is more or less towards the eight.

I had been to Muu with some friends last month and I was impressed by the idea. The buffalo mozzarella muse of a simple menu and the same rich. Needless to say the quality of the mozzarella cheese is divine. And I tell you that they are passionate! The last time, however, I was accommodated for a quick lunch and I had to settle for a salad, delicious, but I knew that I could have something really spectacular.

I was not wrong ...

The menu is really tasty. You can choose between different combinations that can be created with mozzarella, those with meats or vegetables, to those much more daring as the one with the meat and especially fish. Recommended by the staff - really friendly and prepared - we ventured into a number of starters to share between us. I loved the most traditional combinations like mozzarella parmesan and mozzarella in a carriage, but truly divine are the most risky as the ovoline with pesto sauce and apple or the pyramid of potatoes and mozzarella.

The surprise, however, was yet to come. I admit are usually not a very adventurous, especially when it comes to extreme combinations like mozzarella and fish, and yet I let myself be carried away by desire to try something new. And then I tried the tuna tartare with mozzarella. The combination of the two flavors calibrated by the Sorrento lemon created a very good and unusual dish.

The three cakes which you can choose between having as common denominator the buffalo cheese ... I tried the cheesecake and I must say that alone is worth the whole experience.

In addition, if all the mozzarella meal there was enough you can always theres a little 'home!!!!

What do you think of the idea of ​​creating a "Muzzarella Lounge"?

PS. The images I have taken on Google, I admit, but I was so busy eating that I forgot to photograph the dishes. I promise I'll just make it up to eat from Muu!

source: Chez Madeleine


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