It all began one afternoon when two old friends sat down to lunch: Salvatore, a financial advisor, and Dario, a sports agent.

The two friends sat, chatting over a nice glass of wine, and got carried away telling stories and dreaming up the wildest ideas, which, after a sip and a good laugh, were then thrown aside. It was then that the waiter came to take their order and began to ask: "What can I serve you, gentleman?"

Upon hearing the question, Sasy and Dario instinctively answered in unison: "Let's start with a Mozzarella."

Once the food arrived at their table, the two men tasted the mozzarella and, after the first mouthful, Sasy asked in true Neapolitan fashion: "How's the muzzarell'?"; "Mmmm..." was all Dario managed to answer, as his mouth was full and his mind was heaven, entranced by such deliciousness.

At that moment, the eyes of the two men lit up and their thoughts flew into a whirl as the winning ticket suddenly appeared in their minds: without even realising it, the two friends continued talking for three hours about just one thing: how to reinvent the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana!

"Everyone eats it, everyone loves it, and yet no one offers it in a thousand different ways... It could be revisited with new creative dishes, but without damaging our traditions", one of them suggested.

"Hmm.... indeed..." answered the other, thoughtfully.

"And what if we called it just that?"

"Just what?"

"Just that: Muu"

"Muu what?"

"Our Place, Muu, like the noise you made when you were thinking about mozzarella and like the one you made when you tried it!"

Dario's eyes lit up: "Fantastic, I love it... it's simple and it's easy to remember..."

"And it's also the sound the buffalo makes and, also, in Naples, everyone already says muuzzarella to talk about mozzarella."

"Hmm... Muu: I'm sold!".

And so, that is how it all started. Then the work began, along with the long quest for new recipes that could be perfectly paired with wines or beers, for places where they could open points of sale, and for the design the places would have.

Thanks to these two gentlemen, we now know that buffalo milk can evolve into an exquisite array of dishes, coupled with both meat and fish, or even vegetables and pasta, all the way through to desserts and cocktails, and aren't we happy that we do!

Today, MUU is no longer just a noise but a reality in three beautiful areas of Naples: Chiaia, via Partenope and, for a short time now, Vomero. And they do not simply offer the classic and incomparable mozzarella of Campania, which can be bought at the Muuzzarella corner shop inside the points of sale. They also offer it as the main ingredient of a large range of innovative... and irresistible courses.

And just when you think there couldn't possibly be more, you learn that these two gentleman are not yet done dreaming: Sasy and Dario are still working hard to export their "white gold" outside the city of Naples. They are striving to establish themselves and unveil the infinite culinary opportunities afforded by buffalo milk to Europe and the world.


It all started with the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana: two entrepreneur friends joined forces over this white and delicious main ingredient, combined their skills and gave life to the eccentric idea of boosting the quality and prestige of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana even further to create something unique.


Unique and carefully-selected dishes, where mozzarella plays a central role in constructing a flavourful experience, paired with meats, fish, vegetables, cold cuts, fried food, wines and desserts prepared on the spot by our chef, who does not let a single detail go amiss when it comes to quality and the art of food presentation.


The fresh, innovative and glamorous style makes the MUU brand very "tasty" for both young people and adults. There is a vast range of Muu Muuzzarella creations that interconnect as a result of fusion and tradition. It is the everlasting quest for a unique flavour! There are currently 3 versions in the capital of Campania: MUU Lounge (our Flagship Store, the smallest and most glamorous of the three), MUU Seaside (the "Typical Store" on the via Caracciolo promenade, a larger space, which is ideal for tourists who visit the area), and MUU Bistro (the Standard Store, located in a very residential and commercial area).


The Muu format is as follows: Small – minimal catering (Muu corner) and product retailing ( ~30 m2) Medium – catering and product retailing (~60 m2) Large – extensive catering, ice-cream parlour, coffee bar and product retailing (min 100 m2) In addition to their proprietary formula, Muu also offers a simple franchising model where Muu provides its know-how, the dairy product (PDO) and use of the brand.