Catering and Events


The skills acquired over the years allow us to bring the same quality that you will find in our restaurants to your event, with one tiny difference: you decide on the place.

The Catering and Banqueting service is coordinated by skilled and experienced personnel who manage all the aspects required to provide an optimal event management service.
Our personnel can anticipate your needs before you even know they exist. And so, if you feel curious and want to know more, please contact us directly and it will be our pleasure to discuss your request.

Organize oyur event

With Muu Muuzzarella, you can organise your event in any one of our spaces. Muu Seaside, Muu Lounge and Muu Bistro are at your disposal for your private event. The choice is yours.

You can choose between three different spaces with three unique atmospheres, which all share one thing: whatever you wish to organise, whether it is a birthday, an aperitif or a dinner, the event will unfold in true Muu style.

Whatever your event, we have the right solution for you!